Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 1, Day 1

Done! I love this training program so far!

Seriously, rest days are an important part of a training program.  Of course, I haven't really technically started the running program yet, but there is a purpose to these rest days that are built in.  Mondays will always be my rest day because it follows my long run.  It is important to build these rest days to let your body adjust to the progress that it just made with the long run.  I have been reading a lot about these rest days and how important it is to build them into your routine because of the possibility of over training and causing injury!  There are training programs that have you do shorter runs for a whole week to let your body adjust to the increased capacity from intense weeks before. 

Whatever the reason, rest days are important and I will respect them.  So today I am respectfully resting my body! And enjoying the break :)

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