Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running gadgets

Running gadgets ROCK...or do they? 

So when I started running as an official hobby, Nick got me a Nike + and an IPOD.  Well it couldn't have been a better present! I love it! 

The way it works is that there is a chip that you put in your shoe (if you get the NIKE shoe that has a special pocket) or you put it on your laces if you have any other shoe (aka your favorite running shoe).  That little thing then sends a signal to the transmitter on your ipod.  With this, your ipod then tracks your distance, pace, time and calories burned.  So just right there, cool right? 
But wait, there's more.  Then you plug in your ipod on your computer and it goes to the nike+ website that stores all that information.  THAT is the best part. Today I found out that I have run off 11 pounds of fat! wehoo! 

so there are lots of other running gadgets out there.  GPS watches, heart rate monitors, etc.  I think that there are really great things about all these gadgets.  The heart rate monitor can keep you safe to make sure that you aren't pushing yourself too hard.  The GPS and Nike + things help when training. I don't have to think about how far I am going, I just run. But with all these advances, I wonder can all these gadgets take the spontaneity away from running? I no longer grab my sneaks, change and go out there.  I have to make sure my ipod is charged, make sure I got my heart rate monitor on, find the watch that goes with it which I can never seem to find and then finally I can get out there to just run. 

But then I think about that graph...oh that graph.  So pretty...the peaks and valleys...the rating system for each so pretty. In the end, that graph is a highlight of my running experience. When I look back at my first run that I tracked in May 2009 when I ran 2.72 miles at 12'52"/mile, I can be proud of how far I have come. 

Running gadgets are like most things in life, what you make of them.  They can trip you up and make you lose your joy or they can be a tool to measure the progress that you make and a source of pride.  

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