Saturday, November 20, 2010

Less than 24 hours away

I picked up my bib and picked out the running outfit…wow. There is no turning back now.

Yesterday when I saw the big sign on the convention center, the health expo to pick up my bib, I must say, there was a little butterfly in my stomach.  It was finally here.  As I went to pick up my number, I began to be more and more nervous….and I wasn’t running a full marathon! I picked up my bib, my bag and my shirt.  The ever important shirt!

I went to the service area to change my time.  When I signed up they ask you to estimate your time to complete it.  At that time, I was probably doing a 2 hour and half pace, so I decided to see if I can get to 2 hour and 15 minute.  But as my training has been preparing me, I am not close to the 2 hour mark! I met up with my friend Sarah who is running a full marathon tomorrow and we began walking around the expo and discussing tomorrow.  As we planned and talked about tomorrow, I began becoming more and more confident in my ability to do this. 

I can’t believe that after 12 weeks of training, it is finally here.  I am excited about the race and still a bit nervous. I am going to get through this race for sure, I just want nothing to go wrong. I just want everything to go smoothly. Either way, it will be a crisp morning and I will be running 13.1 miles….amazing.

The forecast for the race is as follows:
7 AM (beginning of the race): sunny 37 degrees
8 AM: sunny 39 degrees
9 AM: (end of my race): sunny 42 degrees
10 AM: sunny 45 degrees
11 AM (end of Sarah’s race): 47 degrees

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