Sunday, October 24, 2010

It’s getting TOUGH

It is getting very tough, both mentally and physically. 

Mentally the week was difficult.  I had again a few tough runs but mostly it is getting to be a lot with running 5 times a week.  The actual running 5 times a week isn’t as bad as the feeling that I HAVE to run 5 times a week has been difficult.  I am getting tired of the training program.

It is also getting difficult with my long runs. I ran 10 miles for my long run today.  I was struggling to make it, but I did make it. I need to keep that in mind that no matter what, I made the run and I got through it. 

For those counting at home: Week 8 total was 29.07.  My mileage actually dropped this week from last week for those astute readers.  I do a speed run on a treadmill on Tuesdays at my gym. This week there was no air circulation in there and I struggled to do 3 miles. I was totally overheating and I felt it to be unsafe. I am ok with it because it was unsafe. 

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